21:00 PM

December 2023 Employee of the Month: Cabin crew supervisor tracks down passenger’s lost phone

Swissport Flight Attendant Supervisor Luigina Manara was waiting for her ride home in Miami International Airport’s Flamingo Garage after a long shift at work when she noticed an upset passenger who looked like she needed help. When Luigina approached her to ask what was wrong, the passenger explained that she was frantic because she just realized she had accidentally left her phone in an airport bathroom after she arrived on a flight and didn’t know what to do.

When Luigina heard about the passenger’s predicament, she made a few calls and found out that the phone had been picked up and given to airport security. Luigina then walked with the passenger back to the terminal to help her retrieve her phone, but that wasn’t the end of the passenger’s problems. After all the distress of losing her phone, now she couldn’t remember where her car was parked. Luigina stepped up again to help her get in contact with MIA’s Landside Division, who helped her locate her car in the garage.

The passenger later wrote a letter to MIA to let the airport know that without Luigina that day, she wouldn’t have known how to find her phone or her car so quickly and been able to go home with peace of mind.

Because of Luigina going the extra mile after her shift to help a passenger in need, she was named MIA’s December 2023 Employee of the Month.


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