Miami, FL,
22:18 PM

Get to know MIA’s Fire Rescue Division this EMS Week

Did you know that Miami International Airport is staffed with 153 aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) personnel? Or that MIA is home to not one but two Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue (MDFR) stations? Over the last year, the pandemic has shined a brighter spotlight on the essential role that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals such as emergency medical technicians, paramedics and firefighters play in communities nationwide.

In honor of National EMS Week May 16-22, get to know more about the Fire-Rescue Division that is providing around-the-clock service at one of America’s busiest international airports.

One of MDFR’s airport stations is in the middle of MIA’s airfield and the other is on its northside perimeter. Unlike a typical municipal station, both stations house specialty ARFF foam trucks. Specifically designed to mitigate aircraft emergencies, these trucks are strategically located to reach any point on the runway within three minutes, using the latest ARFF technology. The stations also feature advanced life support (ALS) suppression trucks, which include a hazardous materials suppression truck and an ALS transport unit.

Inside MIA, MDFR operates a terminal cart staffed by two State-certified paramedics during peak hours, to provide stabilizing care to travelers and employees with medical emergencies.

This April, MIA’s Fire Rescue Division welcomed its latest class of firefighters, comprised of two captains, one lieutenant and two ARFF drivers, which brings the division to a total of 153 personnel. If you happen to see any of our EMS staff this week or the next time you visit MIA, please thank them for their service to keep the airport community safe.