15:10 PM

Get your pet relief at MIA this National Service Animal Month

In addition to being National Service Animal Month, this September marks five years of Miami International Airport providing more relief to its four-legged travelers, thanks to MIA’s indoor Service Animal Relief Area (SARA) rooms. In September 2016, MIA opened four SARA locations that are accessible to all passengers beyond security, so service animals and pets can do their business without having to exit and re-enter the security checkpoint.

The SARA facilities are equipped with a patch of Astroturf, two sprinkler heads and a drainage system to maintain cleanliness, as well as cleaning supplies for owners to clean up after. If you and your furry travel buddy want to get outside for some fresh South Florida air, MIA also has three outdoor animal relief areas outside of its North, Central and South terminals.

The SARA rooms are just one of the airport’s many services included in its MyMIAccess program for travelers with disabilities.