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Green project has MIA plugged in to big energy savings this Earth Day

How big is Phase II of Miami International Airport’s $45-million Sustainability Project, completed in November 2020? Think about enough water to fill 16 Olympic-sized pools and enough gas to fuel 4,856 cars – for 15 years. Yeah, that big.

Completed in partnership with Florida Power and Light Services (FPLS) over nearly three years, the largest energy conservation project ever in the State of Florida and one of the largest in the eastern United States.

Through the installation of $45 million worth of energy-efficient lighting, domestic water and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system upgrades, the project will save $3.2 million annually in utility costs - approximately 10% of the airport’s annual electrical cost. It will also achieve nine million gallons of water consumption savings annually over 15 years, eliminate the presence of R-22 refrigerant in the HVAC systems at MIA - ahead of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “phase out” of R-22 production and import by 2020 – and eliminate the presence of mercury vapors in lighting systems at MIA. In total, the project will generate $60 million in guaranteed savings during the 15-year payback period to FPLS.

MIA is one of the largest energy consumers in Miami-Dade County, generating monthly electricity costs of more than $2 million. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint, the energy savings will help MIA decrease its operating costs and lessen the financial impact on current and prospective airlines, which in turn supports the growth of MIA and the local economy.

Phase II followed the completion of Phase I in 2018, which will generate a total of more than $40 million in energy and water savings through 2032. Phase II of the Sustainability Project is the latest way that you can Fly Green at MIA.