01:28 AM

Happy IT Professionals Day!

Within the last two years, Miami International Airport has launched its new fully automated, $324-million baggage handling system that features one of the world’s largest airport installations of automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology, its first biometric boarding gates for international flights, and most recently, real-time TSA checkpoint wait times on its mobile app – just to name a few of its latest tech solutions. In celebration of IT Professionals Day, MIA Aviation Systems Coordinator Tania Dip shares what it’s like to be part of the team behind all the innovations at the global gateway.  

How long you have been at MIA?

I’ve been at the airport since 2004. Before that, I was in the private sector.

What do you like most about your job?

The best part of my job is working with our diverse group of airline partners. I also enjoy being a part of the team that works on bringing new technology and innovation to the passengers and employees at MIA.

What are your roles at MIA?

I coordinate the integration, deployment and installation of critical IT systems that are part of the airport’s capital improvement program. I’m responsible for the contract management of multi-million-dollar IT business systems such as our automated passport control kiosks, common-use terminal equipment, and airport operation information systems like our flight information display system, which includes all of the flight information monitors throughout MIA. I’m also the technical liaison between the Aviation Department and the airlines. In total, I assist our Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications in managing over $60 million in diversified IT projects. 

What are some of your biggest accomplishments at MIA?

I worked on the deployment of 144 automated passport control kiosks between all three of our federal inspection service areas, which is one of the largest installations at any U.S. airport. I also oversaw our installation of biometric exit gates in Concourse J for Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic, the implementation of 600 data beacons airport-wide that help our mobile app users receive blue-dot navigation throughout the MIA campus, and the TSA queue wait time system deployed at all our checkpoints and on our mobile app this year.

How does it feel to be recognized on IT Professionals Day?

Like a lot of my IT colleagues, I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of person, but I feel extremely honored that MIA is recognizing us today. It truly made my day!