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Hispanic Heritage Month Routes: Spain

Barcelona or Madrid? Enjoy a classic trip to either from MIA

Whether you are headed to the next El Clásico or to see some of the many other attractions that make Spain the second-most visited country in the world, Miami International Airport has daily flights to get you to your goal this Hispanic Heritage Month.

American Airlines provides one daily flight to both Barcelona and Spain’s capital city, while Spanish flag carrier Iberia flies twice daily and Spanish airline Air Europa flies once daily to Madrid. Pre-pandemic, Spain was MIA’s 7th-busiest international market, with more than 869,000 passengers in 2019. Barcelona and Madrid are two of the 16 cities in Europe connected to MIA with nonstop service.

Spain is also MIA’s 6th-busiest trade partner in Europe, with imports and exports totaling nearly 6,000 tons of freight worth more than $596 million in 2021.