18:40 PM

January 2024 Employees of the Month: TSA officers aid passenger with medical emergency

TSA Supervisory Officer (STSO) Cynthia Ortuno’s security checkpoint quickly went from busy to intense recently when a passenger fell and injured her head after having a seizure.

Ortuno kept her calm and reported the emergency to her supervisors just seconds after the passenger fell to the ground. Fellow STSOs Javon Denson and Jermaine Harris came to Ortuno’s assistance and skillfully navigated the situation, safely positioning the passenger on her side to prevent her from choking. They made sure that passengers were relocated from the immediate area and other lanes were efficiently opened, all while providing attentive care to the injured woman.

While Denson called Miami-Dade Fire Rescue to respond, Harris courageously applied pressure to a wound on the back of the passenger's head, controlling her severe bleeding until emergency responders arrived.

When you hear your supervisor saying, ‘Help! Help!’ those are the moments where the safety of your officers and others becomes your main focus. 

TSA STSO Jermaine Harris

The crisis response reached its peak when emergency responders arrived and gave first aid to the distressed passenger, who was slated to fly to Lima, Peru.

My main goal was to make sure the passenger got medical treatment as quickly as possible. There was no time to hesitate or freeze. 

TSA STSO Javon Denson

The efforts of STSOs Ortuno, Denson, and Harris not only helped a passenger in distress but also averted potentially severe delays at the TSA checkpoint, allowing the screening process to continue seamlessly. In recognition of their exceptional teamwork and composure in the face of an unexpectedly life-threatening situation, the trio were named MIA’s January 2024 Employees of the Month.


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