Miami, FL,
22:22 PM

June 2021 Employee of the Month: TSA officer skips lunch break to help passenger with chest pain

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer Shantice Moorer’s walk from her checkpoint to Dunkin’ Donuts for her lunch break took an unexpected detour when she came across a middle-aged man crying and having chest pain. Officer Moorer stopped in her tracks to hear what the man was going through, immediately called Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for assistance, and waited with the man to reassure him that help was on the way. Even after Fire Rescue arrived, she stayed to answer their questions and to assure the man that he was in good hands. By that time, Officer Moorer’s break was over, and she simply returned to work at her security checkpoint. In fact, she didn’t tell her supervisor about what happened until weeks later!

“If we had known, we would have simply given her another break!” said her supervisor, Robert Colon. “But this isn’t surprising about Officer Moorer because she is a humble, compassionate professional with empathy for others. She is always joyful, smiling and laughing, and simply a pleasure to work with. I immediately decided to nominate her for Employee of the Month. She definitely deserves it for her actions and humility.”

Because Officer Moorer graciously sacrificed her lunch break to help an airport customer in desperate need, she was named MIA’s June 2021 Employee of the Month.