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June 2022 Employee of the Month: TSA officer gets injured traveler in the fast lane to the hospital

When Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer Olive Taylor heard a passenger scream in pain after he had a bad fall, she dashed from her security checkpoint lane to help him get in the fast lane to the hospital.

That afternoon in May, Taylor found the passenger face down and bleeding profusely from his head near the entrance to her checkpoint. She quickly got three other passengers to help her carry him to a nearby bench, and then got paper towels from the restroom and applied them to his wounds. As she applied pressure, Miami-Dade Police and Fire Rescue personnel arrived on the scene and took over assisting the passenger, with both agencies praising Taylor for her quick thinking and first aid skills.

Even after Fire Rescue heavily bandaged the passenger and prepared to transport him to the hospital, Taylor wasn’t done being a Good Samaritan that day. She found the passenger’s eyeglasses laying on the floor and rushed to the curb to give them to him just as he was being loading into the ambulance.

Because of her compassion and initiative, Taylor was named MIA’s June 2022 Employee of the Month.