Miami, FL,
16:35 PM

MIA has one billion reasons to love Mother’s Day

U.S. consumers are projected to spend a record $2.6 billion on flowers this Mother’s Day, according to leading data and business intelligence portal Statista, which would make it America’s busiest floral holiday.

That’s music to the ears of Miami International Airport, which received 91 percent of all flower imports to the U.S. by air in 2020, valued at $1.2 billion. MIA is smelling the sweet scent of one billion flower stems imported for Mother’s Day, which equals sweet profits for the local and national flower industry.

As the airport’s second-largest import at 236,706 tons and its fifth-most valuable import at $1.2 billion, flowers played a major role in MIA’s booming growth in 2020. MIA set a new record of 2.32 million tons of total cargo volume in 2020 - up 57,382 tons over its total in 2019 - making it the world’s 10th busiest cargo airport.