Miami, FL,
22:28 PM

MIA rolls out new carpet and tile during pandemic downtime

The surge in home improvement projects nationwide during the pandemic has also included Miami International Airport, with the airport taking advantage of the downtime to do a makeover of its own. Reduced passenger activity has allowed the airport to install 67,882 square feet of new luxury vinyl tile in Concourse G and 8,970 yards of new carpet at the boarding areas in Concourse J. 

Travelers in Concourse G can be part of the big reveal this weekend when the concourse re-opens on January 31 for the first time since the pandemic.

“We’ve been able to shift overnight work to the daylight hours and accelerate construction on these projects, which is saving us time and money,” said Robert Hemingway, Interior Designer at MIA.

The new flooring in Concourse G creates a more modern look with a ¨resommercial¨ finish - a contemporary mix between commercial and residential design patterns. Concourse J’s new carpeting was designed to complement the concourse’s Everglades-inspired, award-winning art in public places terrazzo installation Foreverglades, by artist Barbara Neijna. Just as the natural colors of the Everglades’ alternate between seasons of drought and flood, the hues of the new Concourse J carpet transition between red, green, and blue as you approach the individual boarding areas.