15:57 PM

MIA’s new Mr. Fix-It: Meet Isaac Smith this Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day

March 4 is Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day, so we’re taking some time to get to know Isaac Smith, our new Assistant Director for Facilities Management and Engineering, and the 440-employee workforce he leads. Isaac joined the Aviation Department this past December to fill the shoes of MIA Director and CEO Ralph Cutié, who held the position before being appointed Interim Department Director last June.  

Isaac oversees all things maintenance for Miami International Airport and the County’s four general aviation (GA) airports, leading a team of five distinct areas: facilities maintenance planning, engineering, and construction; facilities maintenance and utilities; terminal maintenance; GA airports maintenance; and facilities maintenance administration.

Facilities Management and Engineering is the largest and most diverse division within the Aviation Department, with an annual operating budget of nearly $125 million and a reserve maintenance budget of approximately $40 million. The division provides maintenance services as well as utilities, public works, and cargo area support at MIA and the GA airports.  It also responds to emergencies and critical issues that require engineering expertise, including all in-house maintenance-related engineering, architecture, construction, and interior design projects.

Additionally, Isaac’s responsibilities include hurricane planning and coordination, construction, project management, estimates, life safety/OSHA compliance, divisional budget/cost controls, facility management, fire suppression, HVAC, signage, and mechanical electrical and plumbing systems, including computer design applications.

Isaac is a veteran government employee who began his career with the County in 1990. He has worked for several County departments including Transit, Solid Waste Management, Capital Improvements, and Water and Sewer (WASD).  He has worked in various levels of increasing capacities, including Metro Mover Technician, Engineer, Construction Manager, Project Manager, Senior Program Manager, and Division Chief. He is well respected throughout the County for his wealth of knowledge and expertise in procurement, contracting, and construction.

As Senior Program Manager, Isaac was responsible for the execution and implementation of the County’s Ocean Outfall Legislation Program, a $3.6 billion investment. As Division Chief, Mr. Smith was responsible for the procurement of all construction projects within WASD’s multi-billion-dollar Capital Improvement Program.

Isaac earned a bachelor’s degree in both mechanical engineering and mathematics from the University of Miami in 1989. He is married with three children and lives in northeast Miami-Dade.