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Need quick passport clearance? MIA has an app for that!

Airport app is first in the world to include Mobile Passport Control for U.S., Canadian visitors

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors looking for a quick way to clear passport control at Miami International Airport can now look no further than MIA Airport Official, MIA’s mobile app.

MIA is the first airport in the world authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to integrate Mobile Passport Control into its mobile application, making MIA Airport Official a digital one-stop shop for MIA travelers. Previously, the only option travelers had was to download the separate Mobile Passport Control app if they wanted to clear passport control via mobile device.

Congratulations to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department for once again enhancing the passenger experience at MIA through cutting-edge technology. As the front door to Miami-Dade County and as the third-busiest gateway to the U.S., it is critical that our airport continues to improve the international arrival process for visitors to our community.
Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez

After first-time users of MIA Airport Official create and save a traveler profile, those traveling with family will have the option to create multiple traveler profiles and include them in their submission to CBP. Once the desired number of travelers is selected, users will be asked to provide airline information and answer five questions about their travel itinerary. Upon submitting the answers, the app provides users with a digital receipt to be used at dedicated Mobile Passport Control entry lanes. The expedited service does not require pre-approval and is free of charge.

Our airport is responsible for making a positive first impression on 70 percent of international passengers to Florida and 96 percent of all visitors to Miami. Adding the Mobile Passport Control feature to the already great MIA Airport Official app is yet further evidence of our airport’s commitment to providing world-class customer service.
Miami-Dade County Commissioner Rebeca Sosa, Chairperson of the County Commission’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors arriving at MIA who have downloaded MIA Airport Official will be automatically prompted by the app to complete the CBP process upon arrival. Users can also set an in-app reminder to submit their information upon arrival. Pending customs declarations are saved within the app and accessible from the home screen.

The goal of our mobile app has always been to put as many services as possible in the palm of the traveler’s hand. Now, in addition to easily finding their way to all they need at MIA, U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors can also breeze through passport control with the same customer-friendly travel app.
Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio T. González

This convenient service, developed by global air transport IT provider SITA and certified by CBP for Mobile Passport Control, speeds up the entry process into the USA. As an integral part of MIA’s official app, the new mobile service builds on the personal travel assistant experience already being offered to Miami’s passengers.

We are very pleased to be a technology partner with MIA as they become the first to incorporate the convenience of US CBP Mobile Passport Control into their airport application. Passenger satisfaction increases when technology solutions like SITA’s make it easy for passengers to manage their journey using just one convenient application on their own smartphone or tablet.
Randy Pizzi, SITA President, Americas

Additionally, thanks to more than 500 Bluetooth data beacons installed throughout MIA, users can use MIA Airport Official to scan their boarding pass and receive turn-by-turn, blue-dot navigation with estimated walk times, or get real-time flight updates and shopping and dining suggestions nearby based on their customizable personal profile. MIA is one of only a handful of airports in the world to incorporate beacon technology with its mobile app to provide this cutting-edge, personalized travel experience.

MIA Airport Official 2.0’s location-aware technology provides options based on geography, so a user in Miami will get a different experience than someone opening it in London, Bogotá or New York. Passengers can also search the mobile app’s extensive database in English and Spanish for directions to whatever their travel needs are - with a single keyword. Whether its bagels or bathrooms, T-shirts or TSA checkpoints, MIA Airport Official 2.0 will find it and get you there.

MIA Airport Official 2.0 is available for free at the iPhone and Google Play app stores. The app’s location-based features require Bluetooth, location services and Wi-Fi network settings to be turned on.

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