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Now showing: Video project starring Miami’s Coral Reef

Coral City Camera provides an underwater fish-eye view into the urban marine ecosystem

Passengers inside Miami International Airport’s Concourse J can now take a virtual dive into the underwater world of Miami-Dade County’s urban reefs with Coral City Camera @MIA.

Created by Coral Morphologic, Coral City Camera (CCC) is a live streaming camera located at the east end of PortMiami in about 10 feet under the County’s magical shoreline. For Coral City Camera @MIA, a selection of the camera’s very best views was chosen for screening near Gate J7 through September 2020 at the MIA moving images (MIAmi) film and video project. Not flying out of Concourse J any time soon? No need to buy a ticket – you can swim away with Coral City Camera anytime at

MIA is proud to provide our travelers with a glimpse of our County’s vibrant marine ecosystem living just below our beautiful waters, and to partner with Coral Morphologic and our community partners in raising awareness about preserving these underwater treasures.
Gendry Sherer, MIA Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Director.

Coral Morphologic is as an art-science hybrid comprised of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay. Together they present coral reef organisms as both alien and archetypal life-forms through multi-media and site-specific artworks.

Coral Morphologic is currently working with researchers from NOAA and University of Miami, with the help of Coral City Camera, to understand how these unusually resilient 'urban corals’ are able to thrive living along the submerged edge of the highway connecting Miami to Miami Beach. By providing the public with remote access to South Florida's aquatic life, Coral Morphologic aims to generate environmental awareness of, and civic pride for, the area’s remarkable marine biodiversity.