15:18 PM

October 2022 Employees of the Month: “Arms of Angels” assist traveler after bad fall

An elderly couple had just arrived at Miami International Airport after a transatlantic flight on Air France in late June when the 82-year-old husband lost his footing and fell from the ascending escalator leading to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) area. Because of the fall, the traveler was bleeding from wounds to his head, hands, and arms.

Fortunately, Miami-Dade Aviation Department Terminal Operations Agent Naser Edeeb and CBP Officer Max Weizenblut were nearby, saw what happened, and jumped into action. Naser arrived first and stabilized the man’s head, applied pressure and bandages to his wounds, and wiped away the blood from his cuts while Max shut down the escalator and redirected passengers around the area. Both of them continued to provide medical attention to the man and talked him through what was happening until paramedics could arrive to assist him more.

“They did not hesitate to lend assistance and provide professional care,” the traveler’s wife said about Naser and Max. “We felt like we had landed in the arms of angels via MIA. These men were extraordinary. This expression of thanks seems inadequate in comparison to their provided aid. Their attentiveness, human kindness, generous concern, and invaluable compassion went above and beyond duty. Could you please pass along our heartfelt appreciation to these heroes? We shall forever be devotees of MIA.”

Because of their compassion and rapid response, Naser and Max were named MIA’s October 2022 Employees of the Month.