18:53 PM

September 2022 Employee of the Month: TSA officer babysits lost child until mom is found

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer Latravia Mattocks was at the end of her shift during a peak travel period recently when another airport employee notified her that they saw a small child wandering around alone near her checkpoint in Concourse D.

While her supervisors worked with MIA police and airline staff to find the child’s guardian, Latravia found some secret weapons to immediately keep the child at ease: paper, markers, and a toy. Despite the stressful situation in the middle of police officers and a crowd of adults, the child remained calm, smiled, colored, and played for more than 45 minutes until her mother was reunited with her.

“Times like these show the character of a person, and we appreciate the leadership and quick response of Latravia,” said her supervisor, Anetra Chandler.

Because of her compassion and quick thinking, Latravia was named MIA’s September 2022 Employee of the Month.

Reward and Recognition Program - September 2022