17:00 PM

We’ve got his number! Meet Daniel Cinti this World GIS Day

You could call Daniel Cinti a data miner. As the Supervisor for Miami International Airport’s Geographic Information System (GIS) area, he spends his days gathering, managing, and analyzing airport data to help the airport make smarter land-use decisions. This data is converted into maps and 3D images. For as forward-thinking as GIS is, walking into this office felt like being surrounded by MIA history. The walls full of maps can be traced back decades, showing the importance of GIS and how it’s been used to plan the future of MIA.     


How long have you been at MIA? 

I have been working on different projects at MIA for 24 years.  I finally joined the Miami-Dade Aviation Department a year and a half ago.   


What do you like most about your job? 

I work with an incredible team. I also like the trust and freedom given by my supervisor.  


What is your role at MIA? 

I am an Aviation Technical Support Supervisor and work in GIS.  


What are some of your biggest accomplishments at MIA? 

I am very excited about some big plans to create a digital platform with a single source of truth for information and implementing GIS Digital Twin Technology.  


How does it feel to be recognized on World GIS Day? 

I think that what I’m doing is with the constant support of my supervisors and the unconditional backup of my team, and they are the ones who also deserve the recognition.