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Women's History Month: Meet Human Resources Rock Star Toni Thomas-Stacey

Women’s History Month: Meet Human Resources Rock Star Toni Thomas-Stacey

Toni Thomas-Stacey's team is the official MIA welcome wagon for new employees. This week, we're going behind the scenes and learning a little about how she and her role in Human Resources have evolved within the last year.

  • What do you do at MIA?

I’m the Aviation Division Director for Human Resources.

  • What’s your favorite memory from working at MIA?

My first Christmas holiday season at MIA, which was in 2019. I assisted with preparations for the Human Resources Christmas celebration, and it warmed my heart to see how close the working relationships were with management and staff at MIA.

  • How has your job evolved in the past year?

Regrettably, shortly after joining the MIA family, the pandemic struck the entire world. Because of that, I not only had to perform my assigned duties as the Division Director of Human Resources, but I also became the contact person for all matters pertaining to COVID-19; the COVID-19 “Guru.” In this newly assumed role, I felt it was my duty to seek as much knowledge and facts about this unknown virus to ensure that my staff was well-versed and adhering to the ever-changing policies and procedures that were being implemented by Miami-Dade County.

  • Tell us something that people may not know about you.

Most people are surprised to find out that I was born, raised, and educated in Miami-Dade County.

  • Have you picked up any interesting hobbies this past year?

Due to the stress and having to work seven days a week to address COVID-19 related matters, I find myself listening to “Oldie Goldie” R&B/soul music like Sam Cooke, The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, etc., to relax and remind myself of better times and awesome music.

  • What’s something that you’ve recently learned about yourself?

I am at a loss on this question. The only thing that comes to mind is that due to me working long hours seven days a week, including holidays, I now appreciate the importance of vacations and taking time for yourself and love ones.