22:21 PM

Women’s History Month: Meet Laura Carmona from Triangle Services

Triangle Services’ Laura Carmona wears many hats, overseeing team members on the frontline of customer service in the terminal, as well as those completely behind-the-scenes handling luggage and airplane movement. Let’s learn more about one of the women currently making history at MIA.

Tell us a little about your role at MIA. 

I am the Director of Stations for the Southeast Region for Triangle Services. Based in Miami, I am responsible for all our Florida locations. My primary responsibility is to oversee all safety, ramp operations, passenger service, maintenance, and administrative functions in our Florida stations. My leadership team is focused on delivering a safe and smooth operation that our customers have come to expect. I also believe in giving the same effort to our employees so that they know they are part of the Triangle family.

What’s your favorite part about working at MIA? 

 The weather and the people! I started my aviation career in New York, but too many long winters had me looking south. MIA also feels like a community because even as big as MIA is, it is still a small community where we all know each other and many of us have worked together for years. It’s like working in a small town, with a big city just outside the door.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time? 

Even though I don’t have much free time, I really enjoy walking and enjoying the outdoors. I also like reading and spending time with my family when I can. Finally, just like almost everyone in this industry, I love traveling. At MIA, I’m only 1 flight away from everywhere I want to go!

What’s one piece of advice that’s really stuck with you? 

My mom would tell me in Spanish, “Hacer el bien y no mirar a quien.” This loosely translated to English means, “Always do good, no matter who it is.”

What would you tell your past self? 

All the sadness and pains of this world, time will heal.